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    Engine service

    We offer overall engine services:

    Complete Engine Overhaul

    Engine Swap

    Injector Service

    Engine Block Replacement

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    Air Brake Components

    We offer complete service for all Air Brake Components.

    Brake Pad kits

    Disc Brake Pad kits

    Brake Chambers

    All kind of Brake Drums

    ABS Diagnose and repair

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    A/C Service

    We offer complete A/C service for your Truck.

    A/C Flush and Recharge.

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    We are Licensed Alberta CVIP Facility.

    We offer CVIP for Heavy Duty Trucks And Trailers.

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    Computer Diagnose

    Our facility is expert in all kind of computer diagnostics. If your Truck shows any kind of Check Engine light or Code, we have all Engine Computers for diagnose.

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    Power Train

    We offer service in all Power Train components.

    Drive Shaft repair and U-joint Replacement.

    Clutch adjust and Clutch replacement.

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    Spring Bushing Replacement service. We have proper spring bushing tool to save time.

    Spring Change.

    All kind of Air Bags and Shock Absorber Service.

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    Electrical System

    We offer complete service in diagnose and repair of Electrical System.

    Battery test and replacement.

    Harness repair

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    Steering Pump

    Steering box


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    Fifth Wheel

    Fifth wheel play adjustment.

    Fifth wheel jaw kit replacement.

    Fifth wheel Top Plate replacement.

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    We offer Complete Transmission service for all kinds of truck and all kinds of manual and automatic Transmissions.

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    DPF System Repair

    We offer complete DPF diagnose and repair service.

    DEF Dosser line replacement.

    DPF filter cleaning.

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    Oil Change

    We offer Oil change service for all kind of Trucks.

    Oil change service include all Fuel and Oil filters replacement.

    Water Separater change.


    We also inspect major Truck parts like Brakes, Drums, Drive Shaft, any Oil leakage underneath Engine and Transmission during Oil Change.

    Engine and Cab air filter check.

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